Monument Valley

Neglected the blog since the new year! Only because I haven’t found anything worthy to post that’s inline with my interests. Until now ….

And here is said worthy post; surreal, pixel-perfect, puzzling goodness derived from an M.C. Escher-esque world of absolutely bonkers architecture to form Monument Valley –

Happens to be one of the most fun, captivating iOS games I’ve enjoyed in a while and from a British studio nonetheless! I just wish it had longer gameplay as I finished the main story in a few hours, would have been nice to have levels generated randomly that got harder in skill but as the saying goes …. All good things must come to an end😦

I could literally direct the silent princess Ida around all day on this rich, exquisitely simple yet puzzling architecture away from the crow people with the soothing soundtrack and utterly beautiful artwork, I want moar content Ustwo!😛

This is how iOS games should be, grab it here and I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2014😀

“Start your Engines”

Only a month to go till release and Polyphony Digital drop this new concept movie on their YouTube channel –

Also this video, which makes my inner astronomy geek drool and very happy –

…. OH MY GOD, sensory overload, trying to recover here ….

So many new changes/details to take in (Ascari Race Track, the Lunar Rover?!), more so than all the previous concept movies put together!😯

These movies reinforce that I need this game in my life NOW, can’t wait any longer!😳

Thinking back, quite ironic that a next-generation game like Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One still doesn’t have night racing, let alone changeable weather conditions. Yet a game on a previous-generation console manages to do all of this. Tut tut, Turn 10.

All in all; a superb send off for the Sony PlayStation 3 by Polyphony Digital just as the PlayStation 4 launches and the wait for Gran Turismo 7 begins😀

KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide

Can’t wait for this, gonna be a joy to watch!😀

Kazunori has always been a bit of a dark horse ever since Gran Turismo shot to stardom; so it will be interesting to see the inner workings of him as a person, his unique automotive/perfectionist views and of course, operations of the mighty Polyphony Digital.

Not forgetting how the GT franchise is slowly pushing itself away from the gaming scene and becoming more intertwined with the automotive industry with the announcement of “Vision Gran Turismo“. Kaz has big plans on the horizon for “The Real Driving Simulator”, that’s for sure.

Truly hope Tamir Moscovici (the director) gives the documentary the humility it deserves as GT being PlayStation’s highest selling video game franchise.

E3/WWDC 2013 musings

Now that the dust has settled a week or so after E3/WWDC 2013, my thoughts on specific announcements at each event.

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